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Anita Coward - Executive Director

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Located in the Charleston Baptist Church | 13 San Miguel Road Charleston, SC 29407


Frequently Asked Questions

Who can register?
Students for grades 1-12
Families who traditionally home school, use private or public school. 
Families who are enrolled in a Virtual school that is state funded are not eligible to register.

When can I register?  Registration is now open until July 10. 
There will be a limited registration opportunity once the year begins.

Can I observe a class? 
Parents can send an email request to [email protected]  to observe a class.

Can my child observe a class? 
Students may not observe a class.  Peers are a greater distraction to classes than parents

Does my child need an interview? 
Students entering our program in 7th grade and up must schedule an entry interview with our director, Anita Coward.

Do I have to take a minimum number of classes?  No

What if I register and then decide not to take the class? 
If you register and withdraw before minimum enrollment deadline, then you have no obligation to the monthly tuition payments and you lose your registration fee.

If you register and withdraw after minimum enrollment deadline, then you are obligated to the monthly tuition payments and lose your registration fee.

Are registration fees refundable?  No

How much does it cost to register? 
Registration is $20 per class up to 3 classes.  Classes that have lab fees do not require an additional registration fee to secure your space.
When do I pay registration fees? 
You pay the registration fee at registration.  Registration fees secure your space in the class.
Are lab fees refundable? No

When is tuition due?  Prior to the first day of class by mail or by pay pal
Do I stay on campus with my child?  No

May I stay on campus with my child?  No

When is my last day to register?  July 10

Is there any reason for me to register before Orientation in June? 
Class availability decreases throughout registration.  Also, registration before Orientation allows opportunity for you to receive Orientation Rebate as a tuition credit in September.

Can I register online?  No, you may download all necessary registration forms from our website, but online registration is not available at this time.  However, you may make payment online.  You are not officially registered until we confirm class availability and complete your interview.

If my student is enrolled in HELP classes does that fulfill the legal requirement?
You are required by law to align with an accountability group.  HELP is not an accountability group.  We offer resource classes.

Can my student audit a high school class?  No

Can my student sign up for only the first semester?  No

Can I register late? 
There may be limited opportunity to join our classes late.

How do I receive orientation for our selected classes? 
Group or Private Orientation

How do I receive private orientation after group orientation passes in June? 
Private orientations will be scheduled in the summer and during the starting weeks of classes

When does my student receive his summer work assignments? 
At Orientation in June, or depending on which classes are involved - by mail in the summer or at private orientation

How do I know which books to buy? 
ISBN#s are listed in the Course Credit Brochure